20 century fashion history timelines by Irina V. Ivanova

1900s women,s fashion illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova FIRST DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1900-1910 .
Beginning of Edwardian epoch.

STYLE : Continuation of aesthetics of Art Nouveau style and development of "Arts and crafts&" movement . Art Nouveau incarnated in in Vienna Austria as the Secession and in Germany as Jugendstil.

FASHION DESIGNERS: Paul Poiret, Jean Paquin, Mariano Fortuny

DANCE : Tango, Waltz.


ART: Fauvism , Analytical Cubism, Expressionism
1910s women,s fashion illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova SECOND DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1910-1920.
Development of Edwardian epoch.

STYLE :Art Nouveau style evolved in Art Deco .

First World War. Development of more practical women’s fashion.

FASHION DESIGNERS: Coco Chanel ( as an emerging designer she open her first shop in 1913), Paquin, Lanvin, Leon Bakst(mostly costume designer for Ballets Russes), Jackues Doucet
Inspiration : Ballets Russes

FASHION ILLUSTRATORS: George Barbier, George Lepape

DANCE : Tango, Waltz Boston

POPULAR MUSIC: Ragtime, beginning of Jazz.

ART: Fauvism , Analytical Cubism, Dadaism( after 1914 ), Futurism
1920s women,s fashion illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova THIRD DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1920-1930.
Roaring Twenties

STYLE : formation of Art Deco style.

INFLUENCES AND INSPIRATION: cinematograph, social revolution, new technology, sport , Russian constructivists: Varvara Stepanova, Lubov Popova

FASHION DESIGNERS: Coco Channel , Madeleine Vionnet; Erte , Sonia Delauney, Lanvin, Jean Patau, Edward Molynex

DANCE : Charleston, Foxtrot, Tango , Shimmy


ART: Non Figurative abstraction , Cubism, Futurism, Bauhaus, Constructivism
1930s women,s fashion illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova FORTH DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1930-1940.
Style : development of Art Deco

beginning of "ready to wear" fashion

FASHION DESIGNERS: Coco Channel, Elsa Schiaparelli .


POPULAR MUSIC: Jazz , Big Band

DANCE : Foxtrot, Tango, Valse , Boogie Woogie

ART: Surrealism, Constructivism
1940s women,s fashion illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova FIFTH DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1940-1950.
Style : decline of Art Deco

Second World War. Transition from masculine women's fashion of the beginning of the decade to extremely feminine ( New Look by Dior) by the end of the decade

FASHION DESIGNERS: Lucien Lelong, Christian Dior ,Christobal Balensiaga, Jacques Fath, Pierre Balman .

Development of "ready to wear" fashion in the USA

POPULAR MUSIC : Bop , Big Band

DANCE : Jive, Swing , Foxtrot

Art: deepening of non representational abstraction in the USA with input of Hans Hoffman, cut outs of Matisse, individual style of Arshile Gorky. Fernan Leger
1950s women,s fashion illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova SIXTH DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1950-1960.

Style : Influences and inspiration: Neo Realism Cinema

FASHION DESIGNERS: Christian Dior ; Christobal Balensiaga Channel (came back at 1954), Jack Patu, Pierre Balman, Emilio Pucci
  • Spreading of "ready to wear" concept ( pr&t o porter in French interpretation) to Europe (Marx & Spenser )
  • Origination of alternative style. Beat generation . emerging of Teenage styles and fashion

POPULAR MUSIC: Cool jazz (Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan, Stan Getz,)

DANCE : Rockabilly , Rock n&roll, Twist

ART: Abstract expressionism
1960s women,s fashion illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova SEVENTH DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1960-1970.

INFLUENCES AND INSPIRATIONS: street styles, youth culture, rock music, space exploration, new technologies

FASHION DESIGNERS: Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne, Ted Lapidus, Mary Quant, Andre Courreges , Pierre Cardin, Emanuel Ungaro (from late 60s)
  • Ready to were lines in haute couture Rive Goche by Yves Saint Laurent
  • Ready to were Brands emerged : Gap (1969), Benetton (1965)
  • Generation of "ready to wear" stylists (evolved from late sixties) Sonia Rykiel, Emanuel Khan, Gerard Pipard, Christian Bailly
  • Street styles and alternative fashion : Hippy, Modes, Rockers
  • Rise of Fashion photography. Decline of fashion illustration.
DANCE : Rochk 'n' roll

POPULAR MUSIC: Rock 'n' Roll, Rock

ART: Abstract expressionism , Op Art, Pop Art
1970s women,s fashion illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova Stylistic diversity , end of monolith stylistic trend. EIGHT DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1970-1980.
Fashion photography replaces fashion illustration. Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton
  • France :Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo ( moved from Japan in Paris in 1964)
  • UK: Vivienne Westwood
  • USA : Calvin Klein (launched his own clothing company in 1968, jeans brand in 70s)
  • Italian High fashion : Valentino, Armani (established his own men's wear label in 1974), Versace (1978)
  • Ready to were Brands expanded: Gap : Sales reach $2 million. Gap's second store opens in San Jose, Calif., Benetton (1965)
DANCE : Disco, Glam, Pop

ART: Conceptualism, emerging of Body Art and Performance Art, Arte Povera , Emergence of Installation Art

1980s women,s fashion illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova NINTH DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1980-1990.
Stylistic diversity expanded Influences and inspiration: pop Music
  • Karl Lagerfeld, Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana , Alaia, Christian Lacroix
  • Japanese expansion : Ray Kawakoobo, Issey Miyake , Yohji Yamamoto
  • UK: Vivienne Westwood established her priority in development of new inspired by alternative fashion style. .
  • Emerging Belgian designers : The Six of Antwerp, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs en Marina Yee
  • Sport brands evolved as fashion brands Nike, Adidas and Reebok fashion phenomena
  • USA: triumph of Donna Karan ( started 1985) and expansion of Calvin Klein into the underwear market.
  • Ready to were Brands go global and became a global fashion phenomena :Benetton is known all over the world. 1987 The first Gap store outside the United States opens in London, England, on George Street.
POPULAR MUSIC: Pop ( Michel Jackson, Madonna, Boy George) Reggie (Bob Marley).
DANCE : Break dance. Disco, Pop, Techno , House, Euro-Dance
ART: Conceptualism, Photorealism, Trance Avant-Garde, development of Installation Art
1990s women,s fashion illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova TENTH DECADE OF 20CENTURY. 1990-2000.

STYLE : personal expression dominates the stylistic mode

INFLUENCES AND INSPIRATION: end of cold war and collapse of USSR , internet, new era of electronic communication, PC

FASHION DESIGNERS: Galliano ( rediscovery of Dior) , Tom Ford ( revival of Gucci) Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen, Martin MARGIELA and Ann Demeulemeester expanded into the fashion industry. Marc Ecko represents new trend in the 90s fashion.

Dance : Music: Grunge , Hip Hop, Rap

Art: Conceptual Art , Digital Art, Media Art , Installation Art
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