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Fashion illustration figure drawing templates: styles, figure types, body sizes

Variety of fashion templates in different styles and body sizes are in the process of development by Irina Ivanova. Why is it necessary to design templates for various sizes and types of body and for different art styles? Why is it impossible to encompass everything with one standard? Why even a good book created with one standard of figure cannot be sufficient for fashion illustrator? There are different styles of fashion illustration. Therefore different styles of Fashion Illustration and Figure Drawing Templates are needed for successful completion of illustration projects. Irina Ivanova is designing a variety of templates styles for fashion illustration.
" 9 heads" ratio is just one of many possible styles of proportion. It cannot be used as a universal standard in contemporary fashion illustration. To be precise, it never was an absolute standard. For example, it was not standard for Rene Gruau, the finest illustrator of modern times. He created a lot of illustration with head to body length ratio of 10 and even 12 heads. So, it will be a gross simplification to consider 9 heads as a norm. This ratio is just one of many acceptable proportions in fashion illustration. No more no less. There is no way to fit with one proportion all fashion illustration needs. Style of proportions in fashion illustration is usually defined by market and/or target audience boundaries. So, the ratio which measures head to body length in your illustration should be defined by a field for which you design your project or market for which your fashion design is intended for. For example, High Fashion (Haute Couture) fashion illustration depicting top-models can be and should be more grotesque or even abstract. In opposite, illustration designs for product development process for mass market require being realistically or even naturalistically precise to give concrete information for specifications.
There are many different styles that may be needed for the same fashion company and even same fashion designer and/or illustrator unless you narrowly focused on one niche of product.
There are many different body types and sizes which have to be illustrated as well. It is practically impossible to cover with one set of proportions all multiplicities of body types by ethnicity, age and natural anatomy. There is spectrum of different sizes in stores and there is no way to use the same template without necessary adjustments for size 4 and 12.
Fashion Illustration and Figure Drawing Templates by Irina Ivanova are intended in variety of styles, from mass market to High Fashion and for different body styles and sizes. If you want to be unformed about availability of new templates, please use this form to sign up for free updates about upcoming templates by Irina Ivanova.

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