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Fashion Illustration Figure Drawing Templates: How, What ,Why. Methods, Skills

Fashion Illustration and Figure Drawing Template:How to, What and Why : The templates were designed by Irina Ivanova for her own art and design projects and were successfully used by Irina Ivanova's students at Fashion Magnet Program at Design and Architectural Senior High School, DASH (2002-2003) and Fashion Department of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, AIFL (2003-present) as well as at the fashion course in non-profit Art Design Studio (2001- present).

What is Fashion Illustration and Figure Drawing Template?
Why is template needed?
How to use a Fashion Illustration and Figure Drawing Template?
Is the template an obstacle for my creative freedom?

What is Fashion Illustration and Figure Drawing Template? [Top]

Template is a pre-designed image intended to be used as an instrument of drawing.

Fashion illustration templates are pre-designed images of figure with all details of body depicted in correct proportions in variety of views and movements

Garment drawing template is a pre-designed image of apparel with all necessarily lines clearly depicted.

Why is template needed? [Top]

Reason #1 it helps to create professionally looking visuals without aid of professional fashion illustrators

Reason #2 it helps to learn fashion illustration. By using templates you obtain better and quicker understanding of figure drawing and garment drawing.

Just as painting study requires to copy other artist's artwork in order to seize principles and techniques of art, using of templates in fashion illustration teaches you figure drawing. After drawing using a template numerous times you feel that you absorbed variety of drawing features encapsulated in a template. Some features of a template become your style and skill and the template was just a vehicle to deliver you these skills.

This is why it is very important to choose the right template for your practice because to the certain degree it is inevitable that template you use for drawing will influence your style of drawing eventually.

Reason #3 it allows you to focus on creative side of fashion design process: which is invention of new fashion ideas. While using templates for drawing you do not have to think about visual language of your message. Template allows you to formulate your idea clearly and you just stay focused on your design itself.

How to use a Fashion Illustration and Figure Drawing Template? [Top]

How to #1
"Dress" it .
If you are satisfied with template proportions and movement and you intend to create just a garment drawing on a body, then you are advised to use template thoroughly. Use the temple as an "unclothed body" which has to be dressed and cover the " body of template" by your drawn apparel. This method is a perfect way to create a standard fashion illustration.

How to # 2
Trace it.
If you are satisfied with movement captured by template and you have a template that fits proportions of your design, but you want to improvise you can just cover template by sheet of paper and create your sketch using the template as a visual guidance. In this case you will use a Fashion Illustration Template as an under drawing. You do not have to follow every aspect of a template. Just preserve main aspect of body proportions and movement features. Template must be still visible through paper of an actual drawing. This method is called by Steven Stipelman The Tracing Method. This method is perfect for those who want to use templates creatively building own unique and distinguished personal style of illustration on a foundation of templates.

How to # 3
Cut it out.
If you are satisfied with proportions but you want to customize a movement, then you can cut out the main pieces of template to arrange them in order to create your own movement, just like with a �puppet�. This method is called by Steven Stipelman The Cutting Method. This method is the way to go beyond initial templates and to create your own templates. Customization of given templates is perfect to those who has to illustrate a range of different styles in fashion design.

Is the template an obstacle for my creative freedom? [Top]

Template is not an obstacle for your creativity.

First of all template is just an instrument and if properly used it enhances your skills and allows your creative thinking to run free. An instrument cannot create a problem, as long as it used properly. For creative projects templates must be traced not "verbatim" but creatively, following your imagination and using templates only as a general guidance. This is what Steven Stipelman called a "tracing method" which he as a Fashion Illustrator used extensively. Does anyone doubt Steven Steinman�s creativity?

Second of all for your own creative purposes you can and should consider to create your own Fashion Illustration and Figure Drawing Templates. Use templates by Irina Ivanova only as a starting point or set of visual references for your own templates. Thus the templates not necessarily must be used in fashion illustration process as they are offered by Irina Ivanova (though they can be and nothing is wrong with using them for illustration as they are either). They can be �customized� or rather individualized by every user. Therefore they are not an imposition in template usage. The templates can be used just as a technical guidance and be interpreted creatively.

Third, templates offered by Irina Ivanova are in different styles and variety of proportions, so they can reinforce any creative fashion design or fashion illustration idea. There is no need to adjust your creative idea to the templates because templates are designed to fit any inventive inspiration.

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